Play Tomb Raider Pokies Today

Since it first made its dazzling appearance in the online casino, the Tomb Raider Pokies game has been one of the most popular games ever. Along with Avalon and several others, Tomb Raider was one of the games that put five reel video slots on the map and helped to permanently change the way people related to online slots games. And you can find Tomb Raider Pokies, and numerous other PayPal pokies games at any Paypal casino Australia. The game features the popular Lara Croft character, a dazzling adventurer who is always ready for action in search of hidden treasure. In Tomb Raider Pokies, Lara appears in two forms, as a gun-toting Lara and as a crouching Lara. You get five reels and 15 pay lines of action. You also get a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, a chance to win free spins, and a special bonus game that can help you accumulate some of your own treasure. And remember, you can play pokies with PayPal, one of the most recognized payment methods around. All you need to do is choose the Paypal option at the checkout window when you come to purchase online casino credits. And then you're ready to try your luck with the PayPal casino Australia, one of the most dynamic places to play online casino games in the world.

The PayPal Pokies Game that Changed the Online Casino

Before the first generation of five reel pokies appeared in the online casino, pokies were designed to resemble digital versions of the mechanical pokies games that appeared in pubs and hotel casinos across Australia. They had three reels, like traditional pokies, and no more than three pay lines, often just one. But with some creativity, game developers like Microgaming, the industry leader in online casino action, began to showcase a new breed of pokies games, which features five reeks and a much larger number of pay lines, sometimes as many as two dozen. Tomb Raider Pokies boasts no less than 15 pay lines, which makes the action fast and furious. It also means that the there are more chances for a payout on any given spin, if all the pay lines are activated. The whole generation of five reel slots turned the Paypal casino Australia on its head, making the Paypal pokie games the highlight of the casino. People play pokies with Paypal more than any other games. And the development of the Paypal pokies games has continued, with new games introduced virtually every month, often with new features and more ways to win.

You Can Play Pokies with Paypal

Paypal was one of the first, if not the very first, online payment system that allowed people to turn their money into digital currency. Being first to the market helped establish Paypal as a model payment system that has gained massive support at the online casino. These days, people use a wide range of payment systems, but the Paypal pokie remains the standard by which all other systems are judged. Tomb Raider Pokies, one of the games to benefit the most from the popular payment platform, also has special features to help complete pay lines and earn payouts. The first is the wild symbol, which takes the form of the Tomb Raider logo. It can complete pay lines by replacing any other symbol other than a scatter. The gun-toting Lara symbol is the scatter. It only takes two scatters at the same time anywhere on the reels to win a payout, and if you get three or more, you trigger the free spins feature. Another fun symbol is the idol symbol. Three or more of those at the same time triggers the Idol Bonus Game, which lets you choose from among 12 idols on the screen, each hiding a number. The numbers of the one's you choose are your bonus winnings.