Summer Holiday Mobile Pokies – You Can Reveal a Mystery Prize!

Time to PARTY!!! It is summer, it is HOT and it is time to enjoy your vacation as you never enjoyed it before! If you crave some of the benefits the beach can offer you, but you still want to enjoy the air conditioner, or in case you haven't made up your mind yet about getting into the water but you know the sun and sand are just as good as the prizes and credits waiting for you at your mobile device… you definitely want to combine all the most amazing treats in one game called Summer Holiday Mobile Pokies!!! Once playing this game you can be sure a magnificent prize of 2,250,000 credits can totally be yours during a REGULAR mode! Asking yourself what does a FREE SPINS mode holding for you? The answer is – a great prize of up to 750,000 credits! You can't be dissatisfied when playing THIS game since every spin is A NEW CHANCE TO WIN! And once you learn all about the multiple ways you can receive some grants once playing THIS online pokies game, there is a 0% chance you will ever look at any other game in your whole life!

Will I Get to Enjoy the Symbols I Already Know and Love?

Of course you will! Surely, enjoying the new features, the unexpected and thrilling methods and all the bonuses you never even knew existed will make this gambling experience like no other online (or on mobile)! But don't let the multiple new features confuse you! The treats which are top-rated as the most favoured ones among gamblers will never disappear from our game, 'cause over here you get to enjoy it all!


Yes, Wild indeed! Probably the most important symbol you will come across in every game you play, and if you are yet to know this symbol, you definitely should right now! Wild will change your game immediately by substituting all other symbols on your reels except the Scatter symbol you will learn about very shortly. The major difference Wild will make in your game will be directly related to your payline. Since Wild can take the place of almost every missing symbol on your reels, you can be sure a help will be given to you when you only ask for it. Take for example the case two identical symbols are next to each other on your reels - you KNOW it's so close (!) yet no payout can be granted to you.

Fortunately, Wild, once present, functions as if it was the same symbol you were looking for and a THREE OF A KIND will be generated right away! Do you know what happens when a three of a kind is created when you play either the pokies on mobile or the tablet pokies? Additional credits! And that way, Wild just took part in creating you more coins to bet with!

From now on, you should only master this method and then you will be able to understand that four of a kind and even five of a kind can be created while you play! By the way, the identical symbols do not have to be next to each other in order for the Wild to make its magic! If, for example, if the symbols appear on reels #1 and #3 and a Wild is showing itself on reel #2, you can count on it to work as good as it does for the adjacent symbols!

Excited? So are we! But we are excited since we know the additional benefits Wild can grant you with! Ever wished to enjoy 750 additional credits in one moment? Now you can! Five Wild symbols are all that you need in order to make it happen! Didn't receive all five of them? No matter! Four such symbols will also benefit you, but this time with 100 credits. If three symbols will appear on adjacent reels on the same spin, you can be sure your payline will not be deprived and 20 additional credits will quickly be yours!

Time to Play for Free!

Dear player, you surely deeply enjoy playing for real money, especially since you know you can win some real money as well! What if someone told you that you can play for real, you can win for real, yet your reels can be spun for free? It is time to be advanced to the new era of the pokies games, where free spins can definitely be granted to you in no time! Scatter symbol is coming for your aid and you can enjoy 15, 20 and even 25 FREE SPINS once winning 3, 4 and even 5 of these symbols. Once you are done playing the FREE MODE, and you have collected all the credits you managed to pick up during this mode, you will gladly discover the adventure is yet to be over!

Yes, you have indeed already played without betting a coin, and you surely enjoyed gathering a lot of credits by this time. Now, you can take a look on all of the coins you just won – and watch them get tripled in front of your eyes! One of the greatest treats of the FREE SPINS mode in the Summer Holiday Mobile Pokies Game is the fact a 3X multiplier will be applied right when the spins are over! Surely, the fun is just getting started…

And what about my Special Benefits?

As already promised, this game will let you enjoy much more than the benefits you appreciate and enjoy, but with new features you will try out and then ask yourself "how come I ever lived without it?"

So, although once the FREE SPINS are over you can choose to enjoy the 3X multiplier, you can also choose to enjoy totally different benefits! The screen will present you with the tripling benefit next to Reveal a Mystery Prize and Replay Your Free Spins! How does it work? In case you are not satisfied with the amount of FREE SPINS collected or simply think you can do better – you can play this mode once more and see what comes up! In case you feel a little risky, you can always decide to press the button labeled "Reveal a Mystery Prize" and an unexpected benefit will immediately be yours! Be sure to remember replaying the free spins or picking up a prize will eliminate the previous winning.