Neteller Banking – Favourite Choice for Casinos By Gamers Worldwide

Out of the Aussie deposit methods available online, Neteller Banking is probably the most preferable one, especially among the multiple casino players. With the highest safety policy, ability to win real money using Neteller, cashing in and out comfortable options, users' rewards and assistance available in multiple languages and countries, it is no surprise that when it comes to depositing money at online casinos the preferred method to do so is often times Neteller.

What Does Neteller Offer To Its Costumers and how is It Related to Casinos?

First of all, it is important to understand what exactly Neteller is. Neteller is an electronic wallet which is mostly meant to make online payments. A large variety of highly reputable online casinos accepts Neteller, which is what made this banking method so popular among casino gamblers. Besides being a top-notch payment method, Neteller offers other services such as transferring money to other people, just as any known wire transaction, purchasing things online and, very interestingly, an ability to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide and charge your credit card while using Neteller. Some people even refer to the Neteller Banking method as the "PayPal of the gambling world" for its ease, comfort of use and similarity.


Very high in importance. Gladly, Neteller offers high safety and security standards, thus making itself appreciated among the casino gamblers. When depositing money at online casinos, gamers should keep in mind they can sometimes get to a point where their private banking information gets too widely spread. Now, when using Neteller, this is not the case anymore. Instead of supplying financial details to multiple companies and organizations, you simply fund your Neteller account, sharing only relevant information with the company, and once doing so, you can deposit and withdraw different amounts without having to expose anything to anyone. With such high level of protection, you can be sure your payments are even safer than those made directly from your credit card! You enjoy security, anonymity and peace of mind, when known no one shady is watching your details or simply too many eyes and systems getting your private info.

Should I Open an Account? Does It Cost Money? Is It Complicated? What If I Don't Manage?

Yes, in order to use the Neteller services you will be required to open your own account, which will obviously be free of charge. To this account you will later on be able to get money into by using one of the many deposit options or to cash out from a merchant site. For these sorts of transactions will always be completely free of charge, thus saving yourself costs that may apply when using other services. Note that cashing out of the Neteller may be accompanied with low fees in relation to the method used and to other providers. For further explanations regarding such fees it is advised to check out the Neteller site itself.

Other than that, opening the Neteller account is simple! It requires only three easy steps which are well explained in the site, and in any case of trouble you are always welcome to contact the support system available for you on the following ways:

Email support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (most encouraged method by Neteller) or call. Toll-free numbers are available for 18 different countries outside the US, including Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Spain, Mexico, Germany, and of course, many more.

Feel free to contact them for any question or problem occurring. Of course, if you believe your question has already been asked and answered before, you can easily find it on the FAQ page where over 10 pages of past questions and answers are already available online.

What if I'm Not Comfortable with English when it Comes to Money?

Neteller supplies solutions for this as well! Either when looking for guidelines online or when approaching the customer support, you can be sure to find help in more than enough languages. On the Neteller website you will be able to download explanation files in multiple languages including Italian, Spanish, Russian,, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and many more… The local phone numbers in the different countries, of course, also supply help in multiple languages so you can be relaxed on that matter. 

Always Worth Knowing

Neteller is much more than a funding and withdrawing method. Of course, being highly secure and very reputable, it allows gamblers depositing money at online casinos most importantly to win real money using Neteller, but it is worth knowing that obtaining a Neteller account has so much more to offer. First of all, when wanting to transfer money (obtained by winnings, for example) to your account, you can connect it to your NET+ or Mastercard, thus expanding your money usage options later on, including using this money with every credit card you desire.

Maybe the most shining offers supplied by Neteller to its users are the rewards available for users: by choosing Neteller, the users enter a wide world of member promotions options, affiliate program, credits for referring your friends and acquaintances and gaining some VIP benefits. These exclusive rewards let the Neteller users know they are not only opting the best of the Aussie deposit methods for depositing money at online casinos, but also gaining much much more.