Major Millions Mobile Pokies

There's no turning your back on the fun-loving major in the Major Millions mobile pokies. He's figured out how to wiggle around the military budget and get away with his take in the form of bundles of cash and valuable goodies. Follow the good major as he maneuvers around his base and stashes his hauls in his military locker. The government might not look kindly on Major Million's activities but you can't help but admire the initiative and creativity that he shows as he works the army to his own benefit and adds a progressive jackpot to boot!

The Major Millions pokies is a five-reel, fifteen payline and fifteen coin slot machine which is now available at the mobile casino. Playing on your mobile device allows you the flexibility to enjoy your games at your leisure. You can play at any time and from any location – while you're drinking your morning cup of coffee, on the train to work, during a work break or in the evening while you're relaxing before you go to sleep – for free in the casino's Free Mode or for real money prizes in the Real Mode.  

Major Millions pokies features engaging whimsical images and fanciful graphics that display in high-definition imagery on your mobile screen. Just open the game on your smartphone or tablet browser and enjoy all of the high-quality visual attractions that you find when you play on your PC screen.

Major Millions Makes His Millions

The activities of "business-minded" military personnel who use the army for their own personal gain is nothing new. The military isn't thrilled with soldiers who use their position to grab some of the pie but the practice has been going on for so long that few officers really pay much attention. Hollywood has glamorised these sorts of activities, depicting supply officers who hold onto some of the supply for their own use as fun-loving, good-hearted characters who have applied business acumen to their service time in the armed forces.

Major Millions is one such character, but his rank, as a major, means that he has access to much more than chow and blankets. When you start spinning the reels you'll see some of the good major's acquisitions which include shiny new military gear, ship-shape uniforms, tanks, airplanes, binoculars, a battleship and ammunition. Gold coins, shiny medals, friendly guards, an officer's hat and top secret papers round out the atmosphere of a military base where big dollars in military gear "disappear" into the major's pocket. The major works on a friendly base where the tank shoots innocuous "Bang" flags while the base airplane's underbelly displays smiley faces whenever the airplane's doors open to drop coins to the people below. The reels are full of crisp uniforms and martial bearings which accompany you through your spins.

In addition to paylines created by matching three identical symbols, you can also use the Major Millions Logo as a wild symbol to substitute for other symbols and complete more paylines. Paylines formed with the inclusion of a Wild pay out with a triple multiplier value.

You can create special scatter combinations every time that three Explosion icons appear in any positions on the reels. If three scatters appear simultaneously on the reels, regardless of whether they emerge on activated or inactivated paylines, a scatter combination is formed, triggering a scatter payout. A scatter win involves the scatter combination payout multiplied by the number of coins deposited  on the spin in which the scatter win occurred.    

Progressive Jackpot Fun

Major Millions might seem like a slow-paced real money mobile pokies with few special elements and limited levels. However, the inclusion of the progressive jackpot makes it one of the Australian casino's most popular, high action online pokies.

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that's applicable to all of the machines that link to it. Players can link to a progressive jackpot by adding a small additional deposit to their regular game deposit, which brings them into the jackpot competition. Playing a progressive jackpot brings you into gambling competition with players from around the world who are all adding their own bets. Every additional deposit increases the jackpot until one lucky player spins the spin that triggers the jackpot. Jackpot prizes involve hundreds of thousands of dollars – some jackpots have been valued at over a million dollars!

Once you've placed your progressive jackpot bet, you go back to your regular pokies and continue to play the game. If your spin triggers the jackpot, you'll be the huge jackpot winner!

Playing Mobile Pokies

The mobile casino supports iOS, Blackberry and Android devices so you can connect to the casino on your smartphone or tablet device via WiFi or cellular connectivity and play at your leisure. To play mobile pokies, sign into your casino account and navigate to the mobile webpage. Submit your cell phone number and wait for a text message that confirms your membership in the mobile venue.

If you haven't yet linked your casino account to your ebank, you can do so on your mobile browser. The casino supports a wide range of digital banks including echecking accounts, ewallets, evoucher cards and debit and credit cards.

One of the most popular options for casino ebanking involves using ebanks with which you can facilitate casino transactions by transferring funds to and from your local Australian bank account. The PayPal mobile pokies alternative gives you the flexibility to fund your Paypal account from your personal bank account. You can then transfer the funds to your casino account at your leisure and withdraw your earnings back into your paypal account. Once those funds are in your paypal account you can use the money for future online purchases or withdraw the money into your local bank account.

Paypal interfaces with all of the top online vendors, including eBay, to ensure that you'll have easy access to online purchases. Or you can simply withdraw the cash through your local ATM.   

Get ready for a simple slots with major opportunities for major wins when you play the Major Millions online pokies at the Australian online casino.