Gung Pow Online Pokies

Whether you’re a fan of the Chinese New Year or you just want something original to play, the Gung Pow Online Pokies is a great choice. This game, based on the Chinese New Year, is one of the latest Aussie online pokies games to appear and it’s filled with great graphics, great ways to play and great fun. While the Chinese New Year isn’t until February 19, 2015, they’ve given us a lot of time to get familiar with the game and to have a blast before we celebrate. This is a fun way to ring in the Chinese New Year and to learn about a culture that you may not be part of - or to celebrate one that you already enjoy.

Getting Started

As you start to play Gung Pow pokies, you’ll see that the game is a five reel and 243 Ways to Win game with a maximum jackpot of 90,000 coins. Since the color red is considered a lucky one in Chinese culture, the background of this game is all in red. The symbols are all about the Chinese New Year with the fire crackers, the sparklers, the Japanese lanterns, the gold coins and more. When you play pokies online with this game, you’ll want to watch for the Gung Pow icon since it’s wild and will help with winning combinations. The gold coin is the scatter and if you have three or more of them on the reels, you’ll have fireworks going off for you and you’ll get to the 15 free spins in the pokies bonus game. Here, you’ll have a three times multiplier.

Paying as You Play

Certainly, with the Aussie online pokies game, you can select to play in practice mode. This will allow you to get a feel for the game and to see the rules. Then, of course, the most fun way to play is with real money. There are many great payment methods that you can use. The online casinos offer you safe and secure ways to bank. You can pay with your credit card or with a debit card. You can use the POLI plan or you can have a voucher tucked away that you pull out for your fun experience here. Just remember that you can only win big when you play big, so it’s great to put your all into the Gung Pow pokies game. The payment method choices allow each person to tailor make his experience. If he wants to use POLI, he has that option and if he wants to use Visa, then that is available too - whatever makes him comfortable. This way, many people can streamline their gaming process and pay for the games they play in the same way that they pay for other things. They don't have to juggle too many accounts or remember a lot of passwords. And this makes people comfortable and allows them to play in the way they want to do so for real money.

Cultural Enjoyment

It’s always fun to learn about other cultures and other places and when you play pokies online you can do this a great deal. The Gung Pow Online Pokies is one way to really get a taste for another culture and for their traditions. Get in the game today to enjoy the look and feel of the Chinese New Year. And you might just get to that New Year with some extra spending money in your pocket.