Gold Factory Online Pokies

As the old Australian gold diggers used to say, "there's gold in da bush" but you don't have to resort to panning and cradling to achieve your payouts in real money when you play the Gold Factory online pokies at the Australian online casino.  

If the gold miners of yore had known that it's possible to manufacture gold they would have foregone the strenuous labor of digging in the hot sun and simply use 21st century technology to create gold. But for many years, from the gold fields of Buninyong to Bendigo Creek and throughout the colonies of New South Wales and Victoria, miners slaved away, trying to find the pockets of nuggets that would make them rich.

According to the Gold Factory online pokies, you don't need to get involved in a full excavation in order to enjoy the fruits of the gilted ore that lies below the ground. Just enter the Gold Factory and start spinning out your own gold with regular wins, bonus earnings and free spin payouts in the vibrant online real money pokies.  

Australian Gold

When the gold rush hit California in the 1850s, Australian adventurers started to think about possibilities for discovering valuable riches. The California opportunities created a great deal of excitement for Australians, who wanted to see if they could coax the same kind of precious minerals from their own soil. At first the British government, then ruling the new colony, forbade mining, The British believed that such a gold rush would reduce the workforce and destabilise the fledgling Australian economy. But the lure of the new bullion was strong and many hardy Australians began to leave Australia on their way to California. At that point the British decided that they would not only permit exploitation of mineral resources in Australia but actually offer rewards to anyone who could find gold.

Diggers began to discover prosperous gold fields throughout Australia. Some of the most auspicious gold fields were discovered in Ballarat, Halls Creek, Orange (later named "Ophir"), Clunes, Castlemaine and in areas to the north and west of Sydney.

Digging was hard work. Many of the early miners were Chinese immigrants who were prepared to work hard so that they could enjoy the fruits of their labor. But if the gold diggers of yore had known that they could produce gold by manufacturing the alloy, they would have jumped at the chance.

Gold Factory

You, however, have access to a Gold Factory slot machine that spins out completed paylines and generous earnings. You can access the Gold Factory slots from the comfort of your own home as you play pokies at your leisure. The Gold Factory pokies is available to all gamblers on any preferred casino platform. You can play on any laptop or desktop PC – the Download Casino is available to home players and the Flash casino offers gamers the chance to compete in a safe and secure casino environment on a public console.

Mobile users can access the Gold Factory pokies at any time and from any location on their smartphone or tablet browser.

Manufacture Gold

When you open the Gold Factory pokies you'll see everything that you need for gold production including equipment, machinery and symbols of wealth. Mr. Goldworks, the manager of the factory in a top hat and tails, appears alongside his factory building. There's a young Gold Factory worker, carts used to haul away gold coins, a locomotive for transporting the gold, colourful drones and boats that bring the gold to its destination, a gold coin with the imprint of a well-heeled gentleman, gold bullion, a factory chimp and other engaging symbols of gold manufacture.

Every time that you spin the reels you have the opportunity to complete paylines and earn real money prizes. If you achieve a Wild symbol, the Gold Factory Logo, you'll be able to substitute that Wild for other symbols and form more winning paylines.  

Multiple scatter symbols, occurring in any pattern on the reels, trigger special payouts and features. If you achieve two scatters – Bonus Coins – you'll complete a scatter combination and earn a scatter payout. If three scatters appear simultaneously, the Gold Factory bonus round will launch. Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the scatter symbol combination payout by the total number of deposited coins.

Bonus Games

The Gold Factory's boiler room holds the Free Spins symbol which triggers the Free Spins bonus game. Spin the reels in the boiler room and watch out for a two-digit number which will indicate your free spins total. Free Spins deposits and paylines remain the same as the spin that activated the free spins game so you know exactly how much you're going to win as you play your free spins pokies bonus.

The second bonus game, Bonus Coins, triggers whenever three or more Bonus Coin scatters display in any pattern across the reels. This Bonus Coins game presents twelve barrels, full of… guessed it… coins! Pick four barrels to determine your random bonus win amount. You can win up to 619,000 coins in this Bonus Coins game.  

The final game is the Reactor Bonus game which takes place in the boiler room. If the Reactor symbol displays on the reels during the free spins or the regular game, you'll be invited into the Reactor Bonus game. After you receive you invitation you can choose one out of twelve displayed chambers to discover your winning payout. The Malfunction symbol may occur during the Reactor Bonus game – when that happens, it signals that the Gold Factory Reactor is in trouble and the Reactor Round has ended. There's a consolation prize waiting, regardless of a malfunction, so no matter what happens, you win! Your bonus win amount from the Reactor Bonus game is multiplied by the amount of your deposit and is then displayed in the "Win" box.  

Play for Free

Gold Factory isn't a complicated pokies but you should practice the game to learn the levels, rules and strategies of the slot machine. Enter the casino's Free Mode and play Gold Factory online pokies for free at any time on your PC or mobile device. When you feel ready to play for real money prizes, move to the Real Mode, enable the paylines and play for real money prizes.