Burning Desire Mobile Pokies – Burning 15 FREE SPINS and 243 Desirable Ways to Win!

How truly burning is your desire for love? How excited are you to play and win one of the most rewarding online pokies games of them all? How bad do you really want to win up to 90,000 coins while you are playing FOR FREE, and how thrilled can you be once you win 15 FREE SPINS at once?

If you belong to those players who understand that having 243 ways to win is simply priceless, if you understand you can change the rules of the game and win SO MUCH in no time, if you want to make your whole life a whole lot better quickly and easily by winning up to 30,000 credits during the base game… today is your day! Join us on the best mobile pokies bonus of them all and start collecting your benefits!

Which Rules of the Game Can I Change?

Are you used to clicking and re-clicking the buttons in order to make your reels spin? Well, from now on you can say "NO MORE!" From this moment on, you can click only once (or twice) and the reels will spin and spin until you order them to stop!

While the reels are spinning for you, you are not required to do anything, and you get to enjoy the same winning potential you were capable of winning much earlier! So, let us introduce you to the 5X and 10X buttons, which are going to be your quick and easy way to play the Auto Spin mode. Once you press these buttons, 5 spins or 10 spins will start immediately and all you will be required to do is sit back in your chair and watch the game! In case you want to spice things up you definitely can, by pressing the Auto Play Button! Once you do that, you will see a new window, in which you will be able to manipulate a few things in your upcoming rounds. Now you have the ability to choose how many times you want the reels to spin (5, 10, 15, 25, 100, 250, and 500 are all possible, and you can also click the box and type in the exact number of spins you are interested in… 159 is also a possibility in case you wondered!).

Likewise, you can decide how you want the reels to stop from spinning. In case you want all spins to be played, you can surely make it happen; however, if you prefer your 159 spins will be stopped once you win 250 credits – you can make it happen as well! Simply type "250" in the box next to the title "Stop if win exceeds or equals" and everything else will take care of itself! Now press PLAY, and watch as the game is doing all the hard work for you!

Bet Max, Bet Min, + and –

Are you interested in changing the amount of coins you deposit? You surely can! Once you press the + and – buttons you are capable of increasing or reducing the coins you deposit and thus control up to some extent the result of the next round. On the one hand, betting for less is risking less and it can be useful in some cases, while on the other hand the more you bet the greater your winning potential is!

In case you already know what you want, and you understand a better winning potential equals a much better game for you, you should only approach the most comfortable button of them all which will be comfortably presented to you on the screen, titled as Bet Max! Bet Max only requires one single click in order to increase your bet to the maximum possible in this game! Your winning potential will be the highest one possible and you will be able to win it all!

Great! And How Do I Win the 90,000 Coins?

Easily! All that it takes is to play mobile pokies for FREE and everything else will take care of itself! Now you just need to learn how to play for FREE! Therefore, you want to know the great golden symbol known as Scatter, which can benefit you with no less than 15 FREE SPINS right away!

3, 4 and even 5 Scatter symbols will make the FREE SPINS feature start playing for you, and at the end of the mode you will be very pleased to find out your winnings were tripled! In addition to that, when playing it the Scatter way, two such symbols appearing on your screen will benefit you with an additional credit, while three such symbols will be worth no less than two credits. Higher payouts, such as 10 credits will be yours once you win four Scatters, and in case you are looking for the 100 – credit – payout, five Scatters are all that you need!

Time to Make Some Changes!

Have you ever witnessed one symbol replacing the other? Did you ever see how a symbol is benefiting you with the very same payout a totally different symbol was supposed to? If not, it is time for you to learn all about the Wild!

The symbol that best represents the essence of Burning Desire Mobile Pokies with the heart on fire will make everything completely different for you in no time! Wild, which appears on reels #2 and #4 only, can replace each and every one of the other symbols appearing on your reels excluding the Scatter! By doing so, it can create additional winnings such as three of a kind by appearing next to two–of-a–kind (since it will serve as the third symbol), or four / five of a kind the very same way.

Surely, the relevant payouts will also be yours and you will get to win more credits than you ever thought possible! Start enjoying your benefits now!