Avalon II Online Pokies

English mythology combines with mystical journeys and enchanting magic in the real money Avalon II online pokies, now available for real money gambling entertainment at the Australian Online Casino. Avalon II pokies is a dynamic game in which you embark on an adventure of gallantry, free spins, chivalry, an eight-level bonus game, 243 Ways to Win and more engaging elements, right on your laptop or desktop screen.

Avalon II centres on the haunting story of King Arthur who has been brought to Avalon to recuperate from wounds that he sustained during the Battle Camlann. Resting on the mystical island of Avalon, Arthur, Merlin the Magician, the lovely Guinevere and Arthur's loyal knights are featured in the pokies fun and excitement in which you enter the world of Camelot for big payouts, multipliers, bonus games and multiple real money payouts for everyone.


The story of King Arthur is shrouded in mystery. Many historians doubt that Arthur ever even existed but others have "proof" that he did. According to legend, Arthur was a 5th or 6th century British king who defended the Anglos against Saxon invaders and even crossed the English channel to fight the Roman legions. Stories of fierce battles combine with supernatural tales of magic swords and mysterious occurrences in the account of this ancient sovereign king.   

In order to secure his kingdom, Arthur was forced to battle the traitor Mordred, whom he had originally left as his designated auxiliary during the time that he was engaged in battle with the Roman emperor Lucius. Mordred tried to take the throne for himself and Arthur was forced to challenge him. They met at the battle of Camlann and Arthur defeated Mordred, though Arthur was mortally wounded.

In hopes of facilitating his recovery, Arthur's court brought him to the mysterious island of Avalon. It's this haunting location that provides the scene for the Avalon II online pokies. As you play pokies you'll encounter challenges, supernatural symbols, scatters, wilds and the popular 243 Ways to Win feature.

Game Symbols

The symbols of the ancient Avalon are depicted as 21st century 3D imagery. You'll see ghostly figures, mythical magicians, brave knights, evil villains and the incandescent Lady of the Lake who presents Arthur with his magical sword Excalibur. Throughout the spins, symbols stacks, multipliers and bonus games a shimmering maiden hovers quietly as she watches the action below.

Spin the reels to form pay ways. You need three matching symbols to complete a pay way. The Avalon II Logo can serve as one of those matching symbols, together with any two other symbols, since the Logo is the game's Wild and substitutes for any other symbol to form completed pay ways.  The Wild can also complete its own winning combination whenever multiple Logos emerge together on the same pay way. Multiple wilds trigger a payout which is equal to the value of the highest combination payout. Combinations completed with a Wild Logo as part of the combination deliver a separate win with a higher payout.

Wild Symbol Stacks occur whenever the Lady of the Lake emerges on the third reel. Wild symbol stacks stack up the wilds, one on top of the other, which facilitates the forming of more combinations and triggering higher payouts.

If two or more grail symbols appear simultaneously, scattered across the reels in any pattern, they trigger a scatter payout.  Scatter wins are added to regular wins. If you achieve a regular win as well as a scatter win on one spin, you'll still receive payouts for both wins.

Bonus Games

The bonus games incorporate additional Camelot legends and characters to the pokies. According to Arthurian legend, Arthur was obsessed with finding the Holy Grail. He was encouraged in his quest by Merlin the Magician. The Avalon II bonus rounds, the Merlin Game and the Grail Game, are the highlight of the pokies.

The Merlin bonus round will activate randomly. Whenever Merlin the Magician appears on any reel during the regular game, a random multiplier presents you with a new, multiplied win total.

The Grail Bonus Game is activated whenever 3 or more Grail icons appear simultaneously on the reels. As you play the bonus game you join Arthur's quest for the Grail through eight separate levels of excitement and suspense. Complete each level successfully and the slot machine automatically raises you to the next level.

In the Grail Bonus game there are eight levels including:

  1. Isle or Avalon game --you spin the wheels and try to attain the bonus multiplier value
  2. Lake of Legend game -- you much match a dice value with the sword fragment 
  3. Misty Vale game -- you receive 15 Free Spins and a Multiplier
  4. Dusky Moors game -- you match symbols from among 12 cards
  5. Forest Falls game -- you receive free spins and a Trailing Wild
  6. Whispering Woods game -- you choose from 5 shields to reveal random multipliers
  7. Morgan's Keep game -- you are given 20 Free Spins and Rolling Reels
  8. Hall of Shadows game -- you set out to find the high multiple value in one of 3 fight scenes

Avalon II for Real Money Prizes

You can play Avalon II for free in the casino's Free Mode to practice the game, the 243 Ways to Win feature and the bonus levels. When you're ready to play for real money prizes you'll need to link your casino account to your ebanking account which will allow you to transfer funds to and from your casino account.

The Australian casino interfaces with a wide range of digital banks including credit and debit cards, echecks, evouchers, ewallets and Internet banks that facilitate deposits and withdrawals by wire transfer or direct deposit.

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Bring ancient fantasies to life in the 21st century online venue when you play Avalon II online pokies at the Australian online casino.