Agent Jane Blonde Mobile Pokies – 15 FREE SPINS and a 3X Multipler!

Have you seen this hot blond girl? Believe it or not, soon… this girl is going to be your very best friend! No matter if it's an advice for a gambling method that you need, or a few more credits that you want to win. Whatever you wish for, you'll be able to ask and receive from the secret Agent Jane Blonde!

Known for her fabulous look and lots of charisma, Agent Jane Blonde will let you win no less than 15 FREE SPINS, up to 10,000 credits in one spin, the ability to play 9 lines, double your winnings when winning with Wild and even triple your winnings during the FREE SPINS!

And that's not all, with the Gamble feature and the most incredible gaming atmosphere you will be able to enjoy both a lot of amazing gaming methods and an overall great gambling game! Your amazing experience starts right now at the best real money mobile pokies game of them all - Agent Jane Blonde Mobile Pokies!

I Want Those 15 FREE SPINS!

And you can totally have them! Today it is easier than ever to enjoy a free play while playing for real this online pokies game! First and foremost, you surely must be introduced to one of the most fascinating symbols in our game! This symbol, which resembles a pink marksmanship board, with an Agent Jane Blonde title on it, is also known as Scatter. The first thing you can win when having such symbols on your reels is MORE CREDITS!

Two Scatter symbols are all that you need in order to win 2 additional credits right away. Once you win three Scatters, you can expect to enjoy 5 Scatters right away. Won four Scatters? It is time to see how 20 credits are immediately added to your payline. In case you are a real pro and five Scatter symbols are yours – it is time to be rewarded with no less than 500 credits in this very spin!!!

But that is, surely, not all. As a matter of fact, rewarding you with additional credits is only the tip of the toe regarding to what Scatter can let you enjoy from! Once you win 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols, in addition to the credits you are automatically receiving, you can expect the most amazing gaming feature of them all – the FREE SPINS gaming mode! During this mode you are depositing virtually NOTHING, yet you get to enjoy the chance of winning real money during each and every such spin!

Wanna hear more great news? The credits you will win during the FREE SPINS will be tripled so you get to enjoy 3 times of the amount you were credited with! And in case you thought that is more than enough benefits for one game… you are WRONG! Scatter symbol can benefit you once more before the FREE SPINS are over! Your FREE SPINS can be retriggered and you can enjoy more and more FREE credits which will let you enjoy a lot of FREE deposits! Finally, you will be able to see the beautiful agent congratulating you on the screen and letting you know the exact number of credits you won inclusively.

Jane Blond Is Very Excited!

So are you? You surely have a very good reason! And now that you know what you can win by playing this game, you also get to learn how to multiply your winnings and even increase the probability of winnings each and every spin!

As previously said, Agent Jane Blonde is going to be your very best friend and she will help you with whatever you need! Therefore, it is the time to approach one of the most fundamental gaming experiences our senior gamers already know very well. Besides the Scatter, almost no other symbol in this game will produce you additional credits once you win two of its kind.

It is, of course, wonderful to see two adjacent and identical symbols appearing on your screen. You then know it is only a matter of one symbol that would make the difference between a spin – win and one that is not counted as such. The real issue starts when the symbols on the screen are not included in those that can produce you some payout when having only two of them. So, what can we do? How can we still increase the chances for you to win more credits in spite of the situation?

That's where Wild gets into the picture! Wild, the Blond symbol, is a very unique one since it can replace each and every other symbol on your reels (besides Scatter). The real power of this symbol is fully presented when two identical symbols (that cannot produce you additional credits) appear one by the other on your reels. Wild, which can then appear next to one of those reels will function as if it was the missing (third) symbol. By doing so, Wild will create for you a three of a kind and you will immediately be able to see additional credits granted to you! Although Wild can function the same way for four of a kind, the next most exciting feature of Wild (after creating three of a kind out of almost nothing), is its ability to produce you the same payout of five of a kind. Five of a kind is known for being the highest payout for every symbol and you surely want it!

Once more, that is surely not everything! Wild symbol can also benefit you by granting you with credits in no time! Two Wild symbols are all that you need in order to enjoy 10 credits right away while three symbols will let you enjoy 200 credits in no time! Four Wild symbols will grant you with no less than 2,000 credits and five Wilds will be worth no less than 10,000 credits for you! And now comes the best part of the mobile pokies payment methods at Agent Jane Blonde – each and every one of your Wild winnings is immediately 2X doubled! It surely pays off to play this game!