Skrill Payment Method – Casino Gamer's choice

Easy, convenient and most importantly – safe, Skrill Payment Method is a top choice for both reputable casinos and gamblers worldwide. Containing multiple payment and withdrawal options, as well as being fully available for customers' support, there is no controversy Skrill Payment Method is a reliable decision supplying gamers everything they need in order to enjoy each and every stage in their online or mobile casino games.

What Is Skrill Payment Method and why is It Good for Casino Games?

Skrill payment method is a platform allowing transfer and withdraw money through the internet while keeping the bank account information completely anonymous. Besides the low cost fees attributed to the platform, and the free registration the gamer benefits from using real safe and secure banking method. In order to use the Skrill payment method, one must create a Skrill user which takes only a few minutes. Having done so, the user is able to fund and withdraw money directly from and to the bank account. The gambler enjoys a comfortable and secure way to fund his deposits on a large variety of online casinos.

The most prominent advantage of Skrill when it comes to the casino games is the security: the gamer can be 100% confident the casinos will not have access to his private banking information and that no wrong hands or eyes will be using his private data. Online casinos using Skrill usually make the gamer feel very comfortable, since he or she knows the money is in good hands and that no frauds are expected to occur. 

Accepted Payment Method & Global Convenience

Skrill prides in having multiple payment methods suitable for multiple clients all around the globe. The local and alternative payments are available in 39 currencies and 200 countries, although the money itself is being transacted at the same currency it is held in either one of the sides (therefore, it is best to keep the money in dollars or euros in order to prevent complications). Skrill is available on the desktop, tablet and mobile (including the Skrill app!), and the user is free to enjoy it not only from almost every country but now while using every device!

As stated before, many solutions exist for gamers to consider, so depending on the merchant's location (the end location of the client can be anywhere around the globe) Diners, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and others are available to use regarding the payment and withdrawal of the money. In addition to that, specific solutions are also available in specific countries such as alternative paying methods, thus supplying extra options that suite specifically the user's banking methods and are comfortable for him or her. Funding while using credit card, debit card and checks are also possible at Skrill. Nonetheless, so far banking transactions have proved themselves at Skrill to be most effective and consistent from all sides.

Withdrawals with Skrill

Not only paying and funding (and depositing) is available when using the reputable Skrill payment method. Withdrawals with Skrill are also possible and even quite comfortable and cost-effective. As mentioned before, an existing Skrill account is a must. Other than that, withdrawals are done directly to the customer's bank account, and usually tend to take between 1-3 business days. The fee itself can vary, regarding the country itself the user is at. The common fees vary between €1.80 and €3.50, and one way or another, as you can see, Skrill makes sure the payment remains low and cost effective for the client.

Customers' Support

Customers support, as at any other fine organization, is available and even more than welcome. The phone number is available Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00 GMT and for those who prefer electronic communication, the Support Team email address is, of course, available 24/7. Sales Team is also available for business clients by email. Do not hesitate to contact for any inconvenience, query or problem that may occur. The system will be happy to provide help and guidance regarding any matter.

Worth Keeping in Mind

First of all, the ones of you who are already familiar with Moneybookers and feel as long term fans of it, can stretch back and smile joyfully, since loved and known Moneybookers used to be the old name of the new shining Skrill. Past users will gladly supply compliments on the Moneybookers if you will only look for some.

When talking about Skrill, one of the first associations to cross one's mind is simplicity. Thanks to Skrill's comfortable user experience, internet explanations and fine support system, this platform is both beloved by experienced gamblers and very welcoming for new ones. Those who are inexperienced with the online casino gaming world and wish to deposit anonymously, keeping their banking information as protected as possible will find it best to do when using Skrill.

According to Skrill's information, one can withdraw his money from the Skrill Account at any time, although he or she will have to confirm their identity information first for security reasons, meant to protect the client. Although no minimum withdrawal amount is stated, it is usually suggested to withdraw such amounts that will be cost effective in comparison to the symbolic fees applicable. One way or another, regarding most other payment methods, Skrill is known for saving its client precious time and money and thus receiving its title as the world' leading payment method.